The Lost City of Garu sprawls across a vast cavern, under a dome dimly lit by glittering crystal. At the center of the cavern, directly above the largest pyramid in the complex, there is a small hole in the ceiling.

West of the great pyramid, there is a wide plaza, flanked by a smaller, stepped pyramid, and surrounded by stone houses, each with its own courtyard. Many of the walls have long since collapsed or crumbled, but their floor plans are obvious and many golden artifacts remain.

The eastern half of the city lies behind the main pyramid of the complex, and it contains dozens of smaller houses, mostly crumbled to nothing. A large chunk of the cavern’s ceiling has fallen in this area, wiping out anything that was in the center of the city’s eastern quarter.

At the heart of the city stands an immense pyramid, one hundred meters tall. A steep stair leads up from the western plaza, stopping about halfway up the side of the structure, where there is an ornately carved stone door. On the eastern side of the pyramid, a stair climbs all the way to the top, where there stands a small temple.

Five rivers flow out from the city, bounding away into five tunnels around the cave’s perimeter.

Inside the western pyramid:

Screen shot 2013 10 21 at 7.24.30 pm

Inside the main pyramid:

Screen shot 2013 10 21 at 7.18.43 pm


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