The Puppet Master

After flirting with a nurse, Jevel gets a guard to unlock his chains. He begs to be allowed to use his hands to eat like a normal person. True to form, he tears out the guard’s spine and uses it to beat the nurse to death. In a blood-soaked rampage, Jevel tears through the halls releasing dozens of criminally insane prisoners.

On the street, Lykourgos and Haleth search for clues as to where Jevel has gone while Yuma enjoys the most brutal local ale she can find.

A clue finds them before too long, as Jevel stalks the alleyways of Faranim. The first—and last—thing Haleth feels is the searing pain of claws piercing the back of his skull. As Haleth’s body convulses in the throes of death, Jevel looks over his shoulder and smiles at Lykourgos, laughing as he wiggles his fingers, manipulating the corpse like a puppet.

Lykourgos, too horrified to intervene, runs to the Blind Gravedigger to get Yuma to help. She raises an eyebrow and downs the rest of her drink. “Guess it’s time for us to get going then?”

Screams echo through the streets as Jevel assaults police and civilians alike using his Haleth puppet both as an intimidation aid and as a weapon. Lykourgos and Yuma make a swift and subtle exit.

Monkey paw.



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