The Flayed One, or, Jevel Finally Loses it Completely

After Lykourgos begins secreting sludge from his hand wound, the party undertakes a swift two-day journey south to the town of Faranim, looking for Salim, the cracked-out old man with a peg leg to whom Lykourgos voluntarily gave blood. Yuma says Lykourgos is cursed, and only Salim can lift the curse.

Upon arriving in the city, Jevel lies to the cute antiquities clerk and tells her they didn’t find anything on their trek into the Plynan interior. Meanwhile Lykourgos avoids a surprise inspection of Ryros’ packs by shoving his oozing hand into the officer’s face. Without further challenge, they all make their way to the Blind Gravedigger to find Salim.

According to the bartender, the peggy old man haunts the inn every couple of weeks, always trying to scam some green adventurers, and the last time he saw the guy was about a week ago. When pressed, the bartender says Salim’s hovel is a short walk west of town, right by the ocean. The party’s suspicion is greeted by a simple response: “I’m a bartender. Why would I lie to you?”

Salim’s hovel is nothing special, and when the party arrives atop the outcrop overlooking his home, the old man is out back tanning sealskins. The party discusses sneaking up on him, but Yuma says they are cowardly, that he’s just an old cripple and they might as well just march up to his door—which she does as Lykourgos attempts (and fails) to grapple Salim’s leg.

Salim calls Yuma his queen, and she reveals that she is—in fact—a powerful demon called Ryumaru, born 20,000 years ago in the Cataclysm. As he applies a wrap to Lykourgos’ hand in order to remove the curse, the old man explains that Ryumaru was sealed in the egg and buried with her city millennia ago when an alliance of Ithrians and Aphorans conquered her glorious kingdom.

Meanwhile, Jevel sneaks off. More about that later.

A misguided Salim says that Ryumaru will rebuild Garu with him at her side. She laughs and drives her sword through his chest. She reminds him that she has no equal, as his corpse slumps to the floor. The question of a proper burial is decided when Yuma dissolves into a swarm of spiders and devours him.

As night falls, Jevel arrives in the town of Faranim. He wants to confess to the antiquities clerk that he lied about not finding anything. He tells her the party actually found the lost city of Garu. She’s not too happy that he ran off after their last date and came back and lied to her, and she thinks that now he is lying to her again. Jevel counters by telling the clerk about Yuma…which just makes her angry. As he’s begging her to believe him, she shouts out to a passing guard, “Help! Help! This man is harassing me!”

The guard approaches Jevel. “Is there a problem here?” Jevel tells the guard about the lost city and Yuma and everything, and the guard suggests locking Jevel up in an asylum. When he grabs Jevel by the arm, Jevel lashes out with his claws, tearing the guard’s face off.

The girl screams and runs, as the guard’s body lands hard on the cobblestones. Jevel is a terrible sight, standing with the bloody face skin in his hand. He grabs a lantern from the side of the road and begins raging through the streets of Faranim, wearing the deceased guard’s face as a mask. After bashing down the door to the local garrison, the madman is tranquilized and dragged off.

In the morning, the rest of the party approaches the gatekeeper to the town. Realizing that Jevel had all of their papers, they explain the situation to the guards. They describe the murder from last night and say that Jevel is where he belongs.

Lykourgos does some rooftop jumping and gets to the jail. There he finds their papers…but no sign of Jevel. The unfortunate murderer is waking up in a featureless cell, chained in a heavy straightjacket…



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