After whining about being unarmed, the girl from the egg gets the party to return to the heart of the pyramid to retrieve her equipment: a black robe adorned with bony plates and a sword made of a pale, crystalline material. As the party continues to explore the pyramid, they find a collection of urns filled with dead spiders, as well as ancient bundles of spider silk. Lykourgos collects the silk and moves on to the next door.

As the door opens, the pyramid shakes and stones begin falling from the ceiling. In the doorway stands a mummy, its mouth wide and its hollow eyes squinting. Jevel tackles it while the rest of the party runs for the exit. They escape just as the structure collapses into ruins.

Outside the pyramid, the girl from the egg mentions that when she came to the city of Garu, it was not underground, somehow it came to be within this cavern. She also explains that the obsession with spiders seems to have started sometime after her imprisonment. Without spending too much time dwelling on these ideas, the party decides to leave the city through a northern tunnel, opposite where they came in. As they cross a large field on the edge of the city, three large automatons converge on them.

Ryros and Haleth lead the charge, knocking over the mechanical beast standing in their path, exposing its underside for Lykougos and Jevel to ravage. They decide not to try their luck with the two automatons crossing the field behind them, and flee into the tunnel.

That night, Lykourgos has a terrifying dream: the wound on his hand, where the peg-leg from Faranim cut him, splits open and spiders pour out. When he wakes, his hand is oozing a black sludge. The girl from the egg, whose name is Yuma, says that he seems to be cursed, and explains that the only one who can break the curse is the one who made it…



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