Yab Ytom

Yab Ytom is the ancestral homeland of the Hen’yab, liberated from the harsh rule of Cas Nima only a century ago in the Plains War. The nation stretches across the vast Hen’trase plains, and consists of a collection of thirty-six nomadic tribes. A thiry-seventh tribe, the Be’kun, live a sedentary life in Ytobe, Yab Ytom’s only city. But even the Be’kun travel once a year to Camp Yak’tab for the great assembly of the tribes.

Yab Ytom’s proximity to the Ulfrun Islands has, in the past, led to hostility between the Hen’yab and the Faerie-folk. But the races now enjoy a long-lasting period of peace ushered in by the Age of Magic, Yab Ytom and the Sylphwood maintain amicable relations and Faeries are frequently seen with the tribes of Yab Ytom.

Cities and Towns

Camp Yak’tab

Yab Ytom

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