West Plyna

West Plyna is dominated by the cold, rugged Urnan Steppe, and the people who live there are just as rugged. Since the discovery of crystal deposits in the Batorak Mountains, the Ithrians of West Plyna have enjoyed two millennia of great prosperity. But it has come at a cost. Beginning with the Crystal Wars between Plyna and Calaedria, the nation has fought off invasion after invasion. To their credit, they have never lost. On the cold, high grasslands of the Urnan Steppe, the Plynans mastery of horsemanship and archery can outwit and outmatch even the vast Aq’arwan armies.

West Plyna is also home to Mount Ithrian, after which the entire race is named, and which towers seven kilometers above the high steppe. Legend holds that the mountain gave birth to the Ithrian people in an ancient and forgotten age, and the recent discovery of tombs at the base of the mountain may add some credibility to these legends.

Cities and Towns


West Plyna

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