The Sylphwood

On the Isle of Ula lies the home of the Faerie-folk: The Sylphwood. Standing barely thirty centimeters tall, the Faerie-folk leave a tiny footprint in the forest, living in small shelters high in the trees. On the forest floor, there is the occasional tent of a Hen’yab trader, but beyond that it is trackless.

The forest itself is filled with magic and illusion. Many of the flora and fauna incorporate crystal into their very anatomy, and they live with magic intertwined with their lives. The best example of this is the Faerie-folk themselves, whose wings are coated in elaborate patterns of colorful crystal dust. Some say that the sheer abundance of crystal has given the forest a will of its own, and indeed those who enter the Sylphwood with ill intentions are never seen or heard from again. There is more truth to this than most people know, as Faeries commonly speak with the trees and animals of the wood.

Cities and Towns

Silver Cascade

The Sylphwood

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