Shadowlands of Cas Nima

Stretching from the dark Yarmali Rainforest on the shores of the Darkened Sea north into the Nima Highlands, the Shadowlands is a fierce kingdom of Aphoran warriors. Ruled from the immense Cas Nima Stronghold, the nation, having been defeated by a coalition of Hen’yab and Faerie-folk in the Plains War, has of late turned its eyes inward. Little is known of the internal machinations of the Shadowlands, and few are willing to brave the sweltering rainforest and the hostile Nima Highlands.

However, there have been whispers and rumbling that forces are massing on the western border of the Shadowlands. The thought of a Cas Niman invasion has the residents of Calaedria on edge, preparing for what seems to be the inevitable.

Cities and Towns

Cas Nima Stronghold

Shadowlands of Cas Nima

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