The vast undersea kingdom of Niobe has been one of the most important—if not the most important—players in the past three thousand years of Ki’vun history. Indeed, the construction of the Crystal Spire marked the beginning of the Age of Magic and the start of a thousand years of Nioban influence, which only waned when the Ithrians of the Urnan Steppe found crystal deposits in the Batorak Mountains, triggering the Crystal Wars between the Ithrians and the Aphorans that ravaged the land of Ki’vun.

Niobe was largely left out of these wars. The kingdom’s location on the bottom of the Nioban Sea has led to a history of isolation. The Niobans have trade and diplomatic relations with Calaedria, but beyond that, their contact with outsiders is rare. However, it is common for Nioban Tracers to undertake a pilgrimage to the wider world of Ki’vun.

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