The aquatic niobans were the first people to discover the use of crystals as magical devices, and this knowledge has enabled them to flourish for the past age in vast underwater cities. Niobans are dark-skinned, with patches of bioluminescence which are unique to each individual. Their noses are flat, and their nostrils are little more than slits which are always kept closed while underwater, as the niobans only use their lungs while on land. In their normal habitat, niobans use the gills they have on either side of their necks to breathe. Though they would much rather swim than walk on land, they can occasionally be found in places where magic is being explored. They stand five feet tall.


Value Points Stat
+1 +10 Body Stat
+1 +10 Soul Stat
Level Points Attribute
+2 +2 Feature(gills, webbed hands and feet)
+1 +2 Water Speed
+1 +2 Special Defense(high pressure)
Type Points Defect
Lesser -2 Less Capable(tasks involving fine motor skills)
Greater -4 Unique defect(easily fatigued on land)

Total Points: +20


Ki'vun cosmonette