Common (Aq’arwan)
Language of Aq’arwa and the common trade language of Ki’vun.

Language of the anciant Aphorans and literary language of Calaedria.

Spoken language of Calaedria.

Language of the Hen’yab. Written version uses Sylphish runes.

Faerie-folk speak Sylphish, and Syphish runes are used in Han’yabi as well as in written records of Faerie spells, highly encrypted, of course.

Spoken in the Shadowlands of Cas Nima, Garul is a harsh and intimidating tongue. Garul has a reputation for being used in occult rituals, though perhaps this is undeserved.

The common language of the Kingdom of the Sky. Highly structured and follows strict rules of politeness and respect depending on who is speaking and who is being spoken to.

High Urnese
Spoken in the shadow of Mount Ithrian for thousands of years, this language has been spoken on the Urnan Steppe through wars and turmoil. It is a language shaped on horseback and by hunters. And since its humble beginning, High Urnese has spread throughout the world.

Language of Niobe and all of the peoples of the sea.


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