Divine Imperium of Aq'arwa

In the western reaches of Ki’vun, beyond the Sea of Sela, the Divinator Nefir rules over the Divine Imperium of Aq’arwa from the Platinum Throne in Aq’arwa City. Once limited only to the island of Rheastria, the Imperium—fiercely colonial—has invaded and colonized territories all across Ki’vun. In most places they were driven back over the past five centuries, but the Platinum Throne still holds power over nearly all of the western islands of Ki’vun, in an empire stretching from Mitho in the south to Sité in the far north.

Aq’arwa’s influence has been felt across the world, so much so that the common trade language is based on the Aq’arwan native tongue. Aq’arwans also may be found everywhere. Most native Aq’arwans are Ithrian, but all of the major races may be found in the Imperium.

Cities and Towns

Aq’arwa City
Silver Citadel
Golden Citadel

Divine Imperium of Aq'arwa

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