Calaedria is the realm of the Aphorans, tracing their history back tens of thousands of years. The capital city of Amma towers over the Ammarovoa River, white marble spires reaching into the sky, with the nation’s yellow and green standards fluttering in the breeze high above the city streets, bustling with thousands of Calaedrians going about their business. Calaedria is home to the Great Library of Orwen, and is known for its academies of Crystalogy. The city of Amma itself is protected by a magical barrier created by a series of seven intricate crystal dust mandalas in a ring around the city.

The eastern boundary of the nation is also protected by a magical barrier. A massive linear array, stretching over a hundred kilometers, divides Calaedria from the Shadowlands of Cas Nima. But no array is perfect, and Calaedrians know this well. While the Crystal Wars were two millennia ago, a detailed record of the conflict survives in the Catacombs of Amma.

Cities and Towns



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