The most ancient of the major races, aphorans cultivate wisdom and prudence among their kind. They are slightly taller and thinner than humans, and men and women stand roughly the same height. The third gender among aphorans is known as Riposhe. Riposhes are distinguished from other aphorans by the tufts of hair on the ends of their ears and their long canine teeth. Aphorans have long ears—generally about six inches—that stick straight out from the sides of their heads, and large, narrow eyes.

Aphorans live to be one hundred fifty years old, give or take twenty years, though some have been known to live past two hundred. They reach maturity around age thirty. Aphorans adventure out of a desire for knowledge and wisdom, and to protect the rich life that most Aphorans enjoy. Aphoran adventurers often possess an air of superiority that rankles members of other races, especially the Hen’yab.


Value Points Stat
+1 +10 Soul Stat
Level Points Attribute
+3 +3 Features(Direction Sense, Longevity, Low-light Vision)
+1 +2 Heightened Awareness

Total: +15 points.


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