Age of Magic

The Age of Magic is the current age of Ki’vun, beginning three thousand years ago with the completion of the Crystal Spire in Niobe. It is an age of war and of power, as the nations are locked in a millennia long magical arms race.

The Age of Magic started with the invention of Crystallurgy by the Niobans, a power they used to construct the Crystal Spire at the heart of their kingdom. Isolated at the bottom of the sea, drawing from rich subaquatic crystal mines, Niobans were able to hone their craft in peace for a thousand years while the wider world remained relatively unversed in magic.

In the year 994, however, that changed. The nomadic Ithrian tribes of the Urnan Steppe discovered an immense crystal deposit in the foothills of the Batorak Mountains. They began crafting magical items, which quickly ended up in markets in Amma, and in the year 1002, Calaedria invaded the steppe, beginning the Crystal Wars, one hundred years of bitter fighting as one nation after another attempted to invade, and one nation after another was defeated.

Following the end of the Crystal Wars, the Divine Imperium of Aq’arwa turned its gaze to the rest of Ki’vun. Divinatrix Karesh whipped the nation into a conquering frenzy, and one nation after another was colonized by the Aq’arwans. At its height in 1376, the Imperium held colonies as far north as Tethia and as far south as the Yarmali Rainforest on the shores of the Darkened Sea.

On the other side of the world from the seat of Aq’arwa, driven by the desire to cultivate the rich grasslands of the Hen’trase, the Black Horde set out from Cas Nima and marched east in 1438. They violently subjugated the Hen’yab peoples, keeping them as slaves, forcing them to work on immense plantations that the Cas Nimans established on the plains. Many Hen’yab women were also kept as pets, brainwashed and trained to follow their owners. The millennium-and-a-half captivity of the Hen’yab ended with the Plains War in 2893, when the Faerie-folk allied with the Hen’yab to rise up and defeat their masters. Driven back to the Shadowlands, the Cas Nimans have lived shrouded in secrecy ever since.

Age of Magic

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