Age: 76
Height: 180 cm (5’9”)
Weight: 69 kg (152lbs)
Hair: White
Eyes: Crimson
Scars/markings: Branding on face
Tattoos on either forearm reading Lords’ Bain and Noble’s Shadow
Skin: Pale

Special Movement: Balance 1
Burglary: Breaking and Entering 3
Burglary: Safe Cracking 2
Direction Sense 1
Jumping 2
Landspeed 2
Special Movement: Light Footed 1
Lightning Reflexes 2
Low-Light Vision 1
Longevity 1
Melee Attack 2
Regeneration 1
Sleight of Hand: Lock Picking 3
Sleight of Hand: Pick Pocket 3
Stealth: 2
Special Movement: Untrackable 1
Special Movement: Wall Bouncing 1
Weapon: Chain Whip 3
Weapon: Flexable 1
Compulsion: Kleptomania
Marked: Brand on Face; Tattoos on Forearms


City of origin: Amma
Lykourgos was from a family of well-known and respected Crystalologists. He and his younger brother Riken lived a very comfortable lifestyle. Until a tragic accident destroyed their family and home leaving Lykourgos and Riken orphans at age 5 and 3. Living on the street, Lykourgos quickly learned that he needed to steal and cheat to keep him and his brother alive. Never taking more than what they needed and only from those that could afford it. (Think Aladdin) Lykourgos never let his brother Riken steal or commit any crimes, and he would occasionally steal books to try and keep Riken’s education level up.

At Age 14 Lykourgos got a part time job cleaning stalls for a nobleman. He barely earned any money but what money he did earn he saved for the price to admit Riken entrance into a school for crystalogy. One night a poor orphan came to the back of the house begging for scraps. Without thinking Lykourgos got a loaf of bread for the child from the kitchens.

Lykourgos was caught and the nobleman demanded the “insolent cur” be beaten and punished for his crimes. After being nearly beaten to death, to teach him a lesson and to let anyone trying to employ Lykourgos in the future know of his terrible misdeed, he had him branded. Using a hot iron poker to burn the mark of a thief into Lykourgos’ face, he was forever marked as such. Cast out onto the streets, Lykourgos dragged himself to where he and Riken Lived. Riken spent the next few months burning through all their hard earned money nursing Lykourgos back to health.

Lykourgos vowed to never forgive the nobleman or any other person who could help others and refused to do so. He would make any person who could take their wealth and use it for the good of those less fortunate do so, one way or another. Lykourgos Vowed to be the hand of prosperity to the lower classes, and the Bain of all rich lords’ wallets.

When he was healthy enough, he broke back into the noblemans house and robbed him of his prized possessions. After hawking them on the street, he used his new found money to put Riken into a school to continue his studies. Lykourgos never saw his brother again, but he travelled from borough to borough; town to town stealing and distributing the wealth as he saw fit.

He was caught on numerous occasions over the years, each time escaping the final judgment of death. His became notorious to the under bellies, known as “the Noble’s Shadow” or the “Lords’ Bain.” He was tattooed on either forearm with both of these titles; one per arm to mark him and bring him shame. Lykourgos wears the markings as badges of honor, and will never stop his life long struggle until the night he draws his last breath.


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