Divinitrix Karesh

Historical leader of Aq'arwa, drove colonization efforts of the empire.


When Karesh took the throne in year 1309 of the Age of Magic, Aq’arwa was a disorganized collection of islands filled with pirates and marauders. The young Divinatrix sought to change that. The nations of West Plyna and Calaedria had been devastated by the Crystal Wars, and Karesh knew that she had the world’s largest conquering army in her hands, if only she could unite them under her flag. Her campaign of conquest brought together savage pirates and respectable sailors alike to build the most feared and vast navy Ki’vun had ever seen. Under her banner, Aq’arwa swept across the seas of Ki’vun, occupying Toran, conquering Calaedria, and colonizing Tethia.

The Divinatrix died in 1354, after 45 years on the throne. After her death, the Imperium continued its expansion at a modest rate, reaching its peak extent in 1376.

Divinitrix Karesh

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