High Chieftain Kharethas

young warrior king of West Plyna


Kharethas is the young leader of West Plyna, crowned at age eighteen. Despising the etiquette of the nation’s capital city, Toran, Kharethas instead prefers to rule from the city of Ishtar, high on the Urnan Steppe. He is a master crystalogist and is known as a savage warrior, having defeated a rogue warlord singlehandedly when he was merely fifteen years old.

While he is a fearsome warrior and a distinguished crystalogist, Kharethas struggles with ruling. It bores him at times and baffles him at other times. He relies heavily on his advisors, distancing himself from politics and standing aloof from the affairs in Toran. In his speeches, he seems apathetic towards his citizens and annoyed by his dignitaries. The merchant chieftains of Toran have taken over trade relations with Aq’arwa and Calaedria and the northeastern tribes have started setting their own prices for crystal from their mines…

High Chieftain Kharethas

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