The Girl in the Egg

a mini session

The entrance to the great central pyramid is blocked by a set of massive stone doors, painted crimson. Lalae easily moves the stone with a flick of her wings, to reveal an iron portcullis beyond. Haleth and Jevel lift it, Lalae zips through, and she is crushed to death by the following trap.

The party takes little time to mourn her pulverized remains, but Lykourgos does stop and swear to find a way to help Lalae’s ill sister.

Their journey leads them deep into the heart of the pyramid. They come to a room, filled with hieroglyphic inscriptions, which they later learn tell the legend of how human sacrifice originated in this city. In a cubby in the wall they find a mummified soldier, with an ornamental spear. Haleth wonders if maybe he is some form of guardian.

More doors seal the way as the party delves deeper into the ruin. As the last door opens, they enter a room lined with columns. At the end of the room, on a raised platform sits a glass egg. An Aphoran woman sleeps, imprisoned within the egg, and as the group approaches she snaps awake in wide-eyed terror, screaming and pounding the glass desperately trying to escape. Unwilling to leave a lady in trouble, the guys break the glass and she comes tumbling out.

The girl from the egg is naked when she falls into Lykougos’ arms, and she has long black hair and piercing red eyes. As the party interrogates her, it quickly becomes apparent that she has been trapped in this egg for a very long time… When she was imprisoned, Garu was a thriving city and the Urnan Steppe was populated by Aphorans. A very different world, indeed.



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