Salvo, Seasicknes, and a Lost City

an adventure begins

It had been five weeks since the ship left port in Ytobe, hometown of Jevel and favorite haunt of Haleth. Both men had earlier been nursing a heavy addiction to the drug known as Salvo and awoke three days from shore sloshing around with the bilge water in the bottom of a sailing vessel. Not the place two men scared to death of water would choose to be. Lykourgos, a noble thief, had, however, embarked on this journey with a purpose, duplicitous as it may have been, and when the ship hit land in Faranim he hit the nearest tavern—The Blind Gravedigger—to get a feel for the land and its peoples. Haleth and Jevel tucked into the strongest pints they could find, and Lykourgos sat in the corner, searching for pockets to pick and quarries to mark.

It was there in the Blind Gravedigger that Lykourgos came face to face with Salim, a grisly native of The Kingdom of the Sky with a peg leg and a habit of noticing details. Lykourgos traded blood for information about an alleged map that would lead to the legendary Lost City of Garu, home to the Pyramid of the Roc, said to be the center of an ancient kingdom. After securing registrations with the Antiquities Society to permit an archaeological expedition—a process that involved Jevel’s first "date"—the party camped outside the city wall before heading to the Forgotten Barrow in the morning.

There they descended into the bowels of the ruin, and—per Salim’s instruction—tore down the ceiling, revealing a map, and drawing the attention of a Faerie-folk named Lalae. She claims to be seeking fortune to buy medicine for her sick sister, and she seems to command powerful crystalogy…




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